Erin Leigh has lived in the beautiful city of San Diego for the last 10 years within different neighbourhoods, her favourite being Ocean Beach (a quirky bohemian beach town). She loved hiking, exploring caves and sitting at the beach for countless hours under the sun. San Diego is a beautiful place with a vast array of things to do but you must know how to look for things please do not hesitate reaching out to Erin and she shall do her best to assist! 



Which is the best month to visit San Diego and why?

The best time to visit San Diego (besides obvious summer months) is October. The weather is still warm, the crowds are gone and the beaches are far less packed. 

Which is the most convenient and favoured transport in San Diego?

Like most of California, cars are the easiest way to get around San Diego. Locals typically use Uber and Lyft, to get around. There is an option for a trolley but the trolley does not run through most tourist attractions. 

What are the top three must visit places in San Diego?

Top three places to visit in the city:

Sunset Cliffs – Point Loma Lighthouse, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park nature trails down to the beach to see caves on low tides.

Balboa Park – museums, dining and gardens with on-going events throughout the year.

Coronado Island – Hotel del Coronado, beaches, brewery and skyline views of San Diego’s downtown.

Which is the most celebrated holiday of the year in San Diego?

Fourth of July is the most celebrated holiday around San Diego, a multitude of fireworks are visible along the coast line but any holiday is widely celebrated throughout the city including Cinco de Mayo, St. Patricks day etc. 

Which is the most happening area in San Diego?

Downtown is a large tourist attraction with a large variety of culinary options, Petco Park, House of Blues and multiple events that go on throughout the year. Little Italy is also easily accessible from Downtown. 

Where can one find amazing street food in San Diego?

Street food is near impossible to find within San Diego unless you know how to find it. Downtown San DiegoIndia St & B St. from 11am-2pm. Multiple trucks. 

There is also the option to have street food at any of the farmers markets, popular markets include: Sunday Hillcrest Farmers Market,  Wednesday Ocean Beach Farmers Market, Saturday Little Italy Farmers Market. There are farmers markets held daily across the city, you can find one near you using google. 

Where to head for affordable shopping?

There are multiple outlet stores in San Diego that will provide you smaller price tags than normal retail malls. These outlet malls include: Carlsbad Premium Outlets, Las Americas Premium Outlets (be very careful it is very easy to accidentally end up in Mexico this is the LAST exit on the freeway).

Which is the most loved local food in San Diego?

Favourite foods of local San Diegans include California Burritos (Nico’s in Ocean Beach has been voted the best by surfers), Lucha Libre is also a favorite among locals.

Sweet options include Extraordinary Desserts and Le Parfait Paris as two of the most sought after options along with Hammond’s and Salt and Straw for ice cream.

Which side of the road does San Diego drive on?

You drive on the left side of the road. San Diego is cycle friendly however, drivers can be quite aggressive. Dockless Bikes are available throughout the city for people to rent and drop off at any point. Please just be respectful of where you leave the bikes. 

Would you recommend any Apps for San Diego?

Be prepared to download limebike, bird, mobile, off and spin to have easy transport, has amazing hikes and ideas for things to do, Lyft and Uber are also a must. 




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