Jeana, a substitute teacher by the day and travel blogger by the night, doesn’t prefer calling herself a true Philadelphian. She has been living here from past two years and in those two years she has explored this fair city, going as far as to spend her weekends just walking around in hopes of seeing something inspiring. According to her it is a city of artists and thinkers, dreamers and doers, and the city has something for all of them. 










Which is the best month to visit Philadelphia?

Two months come to mind when thinking of the best time to visit Philadelphia, one is December when the Christmas markets and events are in full swing at City Hall and the surrounding businesses. These events are important to both visitors and locals who clamor to see the light shows at City Hall and the Wanamaker building. Other than this, July is a great time to visit as the city is alive with history. One of the best things to do is to spend the day doing the free activities near Independence Hall. 


Philadelphia City Hall






Which is the most convenient and favoured transport of Philadelphia?

Transportation in the city can be tricky. Many people prefer to use Uber or Lyft over the buses or subway because the subway and buses are largely unreliable if you’re trying to get around quickly. If you have a car, I would suggest parking it outside of the city at the train station to avoid paying up to 20$ an hour for parking! If for some reason you need to have your car in the city, street parking is metered. The best way to get around if you’re on a budget is a mix of buses, trolleys and subways.






What are the top 3 must visit places in Philadelphia ?

Philadelphia is known for hidden gems and beloved historic sites. The most famous of which is the Liberty Bell, located in Old City. This bell has stood for over 200 years as a symbol of our freedom from the tyranny of the British Empire. However, if you’re going to see the bell know that you will be searched by NPS staff to ensure that the bell remains a safe place for all visitors for the next millennia.

The Liberty Bell in the Independence Hall,  Philadelphia

Closer to centre city, the Reading Terminal Market is the place to be if you’re a foodie who just wants a little bit of everything. From cheesesteaks to produce they have everything! It’s like a street food paradise without the street food. It can be expensive, but you will be getting high quality food made by not only Philly natives but also local Amish as well.

image1 (1).jpeg
Reading Terminal

The Philadelphia Art Museum is most famous for it’s steps. If you’ve seen the movie “Rocky” then you probably have spent some time fantasising about running up them. Bring a friend and a camera, it’s time to recreate that run! When you’re done, make a stop at the Rocky statue and pose with him. It’s worth it! The Art Museum also boasts a large collection at very competitive pricing, plus they do have an entire wing dedicated to recreating places from the past.

Philadelphia Museum of Art






Which is the most celebrated holiday of the year in Philadelphia ?

If you know anything about American history you know about the Fourth of July. We love celebrating it, to the point of having tons of free and paid events throughout the city. The National Park Service will regularly throw events to celebrate and who wouldn’t want to visit the birthplace of the nation? You can usually find information on this on any Philadelphia based website, so come prepared to celebrate!

Philadelphia, World Heritage City. Picture credit C.2.H.2 Photography






Which is the most happening area in Philadelphia?

Centre City District encompasses most of the city from South Street to Spring Garden Street. This area is home to the best restaurants, clubs, shopping, and parks in the city.

Take a stroll through Rittenhouse Square Park and you may catch an art event or Visit Chinatown and get bubble tea from Miucha or Tea Do. Anything and everything is here. The restaurants are all phenomenal and cater to a wide range of tastes and cuisines.





Where can one find amazing street food in Philadelphia ?

While not street food per se, South St is home to one of the best Philadelphia Cheesesteaks in the city, and home to the Philly Taco.

Jim’s Steaks has been around for a couple decades and are the home of a less-greasy, more cheesy steak, perfect for someone who’s looking for a good balance of the two. Or just down the street is Lorenzo’s Pizza, home to pizza slices that are bigger than your head!

Plus, if you’re interested in more unique food items, there are tons of different shops that offer take out. Try them out! It’ll be worth it.





Where to head for affordable shopping?

While you may not be able to find the most fashionable clothing, you should definitely be shopping on South Street, home to brands and local shops, they also have several vintage and thrift shops for those who are a little more discerning. Sometimes you can find things that look really expensive for very cheap prices!






Which is the most loved local food in Philadelphia, both sweet and savoury?

Philadelphia is home to some of the best food. The quintessential savoury food of Philadelphia is definitely the coveted cheese steak. Thin ribbons of beef with your choice of melty cheese (For the real Philadelphia experience try the Wiz) on a soft roll create a delicious treat for you, be careful you’ll fill up fast! Plus as the meal of choice there are so many delicious restaurants you just have to try them all.

Vegetarians don’t worry, we have a cheesesteak for you too, Wiz Kid in Rittenhouse serves a seitan and rutabaga cheese steak that is out of this world!

While donuts aren’t exactly unique to Philadelphia they are one of the most popular items at bakeries around the city. The city has few famous eateries for this fried treat including Federal Donuts and Beiler Donuts, but don’t be fooled, they sell very different donuts. Beiler Donuts in Reading Terminal Market are baked daily, and come in a wide range of flavors. They were featured on Insider at one point and can be very busy. Federal Donuts on the other had will actually fry the donuts for you while you’re there. Both serve a delectable treat that’s not to be missed. If you’re not a fan of donuts, stop by A La Mousse or Carlos Bakery for some more options!






Which side of the road does Philadelphia drive on? Is it cycle friendly?

Philadelphia is a very cyclist friendly city. Almost all of the roads have bike lanes that are enforced by the city itself. No bicyclist will need to worry about it, and may of my friends routinely bike through the city as it’s the fastest way to get around.

We drive on the right side of the road, which means if you’re from any country except for the ones that were under British rule, you’ll be able to drive as you would normally. However, Philadelphia is a maze of one way streets so be aware of that if you’re driving.





Would you recommend any popular local apps to tourists for transport, food and hidden gems in Philadelphia?

Before you come here definitely download Caviar app, while not completely local, it’s the easiest way to get food quickly as most of the deliveries are done by cyclists.

Meter Up is a great app to get if you’re driving into the city as it is an easier way to pay for parking just in case the parking meters don’t happen to work!

Otherwise, please get a Septa app, it’ll tell you when trains or buses are late, something that happens way too often in the city.








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