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Which is the best month to visit Singapore and why?

As far as I know, there is no such thing called off season in Singapore. You’ll find tourists visiting Singapore throughout the year. Since, Singapore has a tropical climate this definitely is a comfortable destination for tourists from around the world throughout the year. However, Nov-March the temperatures are comparatively lower but you do get a bit of rain so you can plan accordingly. Since, the public transport is quite well maintained rain doesn’t stop you from exploring places.


Which is the most convenient and favoured transport of Singapore?

I personally love the public transport here in Singapore. The whole public transportation system is so well maintained and regulated that I am sure every tourists visiting Singapore will find no difficulty in transportation. The best way of transport in Singapore is MRT (Mass rapid Transit-metro system) which connects and runs throughout the country. You’ll need to buy MRT EZ Link Cards for travelling in MRT. You also have other modes of transport such as SMRT buses, Grab Cabs and Local Taxis. For affordable transport we would recommend MRT or SMRT transport. Grab Cabs are good too.


MRT, the backbone of public transport system in Singapore



What are the top 3 must visit places in Singapore?

Ahh that’s hard to say coz there are definitely more three must visit places in Singapore. Albeit, if I am supposed to choose the best three, I would choose the following. 1) Sentosa Island 2) Gardens by the Bay and 3) Merlion Park and Marina bay sands. If allowed to cheat I would also include Jurong Bird Park and River Safari.


SEA Aquarium in Sentosa Island
Flamingos in the Jurong Bird park


For those who love checking out offbeat sites in a new city: 1) Chinatown 2) Arab Street and 3) Take a night walk and visit all the amazing bridges in Singapore. 


Which is the most celebrated holiday of the year in Singapore?

Chinese new year – visit China town to see the beautiful decorations and celebrations, Christmas- must visit Orchard during Christmas and Deepavali- Little India, that’s where you’ll find all the main celebrations and decorations for Deepavali.

Note: Also, do try out Mooncakes if you are visiting Singapore during the Mid-Autumn festival. They are delicious and you’ll be really amazed by all the incredible variety of flavours available.


Mooncakes in Singapore for Mid- Autumn festival


Which is the most happening area in Singapore and why?

It has to be Clark Quay. Come Visit Clark Quay and you’ll definitely know why. There are plenty of options for pub hoping and is a great place for night life. There is one more hidden gem in the city of Singapore that is great for night life – “Club Street”.

Where can one find amazing street food in Singapore?

For street food it has to be the Hawker Centres. You’ll find most of the delicious dishes from Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines here. We love Arab street for Turkish or Mediterranean cuisine. Chicken Lovers like us should definitely head to Arab Street.

Old Chang Kee is an authentic food chain in Singapore where you get chicken and chilli crab nuggets and Chicken Mushroom Puffs etc. Do try them out. They are not restaurant chains but more like fast food chain.


Where to head for affordable shopping in Singapore?

If you love street shopping you should definitely visit BUGIS. Pagoda Street, Chinatown is a good place to buy affordable Chinese souvenirs. You’ll find local artists selling customized artworks. Chinese Paper cutting is something that we really liked. They take your photo and make the paper cutting of your photo within 20 min. You can further customize the artwork with personal messages.


Chinese Lanterns in Chinatown

Which is the most loved local food in Singapore, both sweet and savoury?

Singapore’s a pretty good place to try out different cuisines. Our favourite is Indian and Thai cuisine. We are still in the process of trying out different cuisines. Few of our favourite dishes are as follows:

1)Korean favourite: Four fingers is our personal favourite Korean fried Chicken. Yummy, we love it. If you are heading to Singapore then you must definitely try this out!

2)Singaporean Dishes that are a must try for those who love trying out new dishes: Chilli Crab , Laksa, Chicken Satay and Hainanese chicken rice. There are many more but we haven’t tried all of them .However you could check the link below to get an idea of what to try out !

3)Thai Cuisine Must try.

Singapore provides a variety of Dining experiences too.

1) Hawker Centres for cheap and delicious food.

2) Chijmes –Especially if you guys are looking for the perfect dining venue as a couple/family. Do try out Dining at Chijmes.

3) Marche Movenpick and Dancing Crab are few other great places for an amazing dining experience.

4) For those who wish to experience fine dining at Singapore, you can try out dining in Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands (Note: Both of these are an excellent experience but are expensive).

5) For local Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes try out Chinese Food Street at Chinatown and Restaurants at Little India (These are reasonably priced.)


Dining at Chijmes

Which side of the road does Singapore drive on? Is it cycle friendly?

In Singapore it’s Left hand drive.

Yes, Singapore is cycle friendly. I have written an entire blog on the cycling system in Singapore. Please do check it out. Here’s the link to my blog Smart Bike Sharing- an easy, ecofriendly and healthier option to explore the city of Singapore.




Would you recommend any popular local apps to tourists for transport, food and hidden gems in Singapore?

Yes, for travel we would definitely recommend, Grab and Singapore Heritage Trails. These apps will be very useful for exploring Singapore.

For Food: HungryGoWhere and EatiGo are great apps for foodies.




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