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Brett is an inspiring blogger from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada but now lives in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic with her husband. Brett is dedicated to creating awareness about Celiac disease with the people she meets and sharing her travel experiences.  We get to sit back and relax as she tours, enjoys new cultures, cuisines and manages her diet as the “ultimate gluten free traveller!”






Which is the best month to visit Hradec Králové and why?

The end of June is awesome if you are interested in attending a theatre festival. The theatre festival runs for a week and there are tons of free music stages and theatre events, along with events that you would have to purchase tickets for. The atmosphere in the city is awesome and there are people drinking and having fun in the streets every day and there are lots of fun activities for kids.

At the very beginning of July, the city hosts the Rock For People festival which is a massive rock music festival that bringing thousands of people to the city to enjoy new and old rock bands from all over the world.

At the end of August there is also the famous Hip Hop Kemp. It is the largest music festival in Central and Eastern Europe and CNN calls it one of the 50 best festivals of the year.





Which is the most convenient and favoured transport of Hradec Králové?

The public transportation network in Hradec is amazing. You can get anywhere in the city with the buses or trolley buses. The schedule is posted on each stop, so if you know where you need to go, then you will be able to see which transportation number will get you there. It is very convenient and reliable.




Which are the top 3 must visit places in Hradec Králové?

The top must visit place is the cathedral and white tower. The white tower has renaissance style architecture and has not only amazing views of the city itself, but also the peaks of the Krkoneše and Orlické mountains. There are also audio-visual installations on the way to the top to enjoy. The historic cathedral is right beside the white tower as well and you can enjoy the music coming from the church.

Cathedral church of the Holy Spirit in Hradec Králové


The East Bohemian Museum is a national cultural monument of the country. The museum shows reconstructions of what the city once looked like as a fortress, with pieces of recovered items from the history of the region and much more.

Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové


The urban forests of Hradec Králové are a must see for a walk, bike ride or roller-skating adventure. It is a protected area with ponds, a field of wild pigs, a field of deer and the graceful beauty of the nature.

Forests of Hradec Králové




Which is the most celebrated holiday in Hradec Králové?

The Queen’s celebration happens the first weekend of September with a parade, food and craft booths, fireworks and reenactments of old music and traditions on the main stage. The celebration is commemorating the history of the once royal town which was a dowry gift for Bohemian queens.

Queen Eliška Rejčka returns to her beloved city, shouldn’t be missed !


New year’s also much anticipated where the firework show is amazing, and everyone hangs out and celebrates on the big square and at the numerous pubs.

New Years Eve – In the absence of a picture with fireworks, I leave it to your imagination 😉



Which is the most happening area in your city and why?

The big square (Velké Náměstí) of the old town is the place to be seen. All the major celebrations happen here, and the restaurants and bars are always filled no matter what time of year or what day of the week it is. You can find lots of things to eat, you can see the beautiful white tower and impressive cathedral all in one spot.

Church of Assumption of Virgin at Velke namesti Big Square in Hradec Kralove



Where can one find amazing street food in Hradec Králové?

Street food is not a major thing in Hradec, but you can definitely find small take-away restaurants to get burgers, kebabs and fries. You can find these places open all night just off of the big square on kopečku street.


 Where to head for affordable shopping?

The best and most affordable shopping are in the malls in the city. There is a new mall called Aupark that has many options for men and women to get some nice shopping done. They have clothing, electronics, supermarkets, a book store, pharmacy, beauty shops, music store and a game store. It is very close to the train station and has free Wi-Fi. It is a one-stop-shop which is always nice.

There are also shops and stores along a pedestrian area if you are interested in some unique pieces. You go along the švehlova street and it continues all around the square there, called masarykovo náměstí. The pedestrian area is really lovely and you can stop at one of the many cafes to enjoy the ambience.



Which is the most loved local food in Hradec Králové?

For something sweet I love the local chocolate made by Jordi’s Chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth and looking for something that melts in your mouth, definitely try it out. They have dark, milk and white chocolate with many different flavours. I have brought my family chocolate bars as gifts and they did not disappoint.

Jordi’s first started making its chocolate in Hradec Králové


For something savoury and that I can grab quick on the go, I go to Bazalka and get a slice of their pizza to satisfy my savoury cravings. Like I mentioned before, the big square is the main place to be and both these options are just off of it.

Bazalka pizza, Hradec Králové




Which side of the road does your city drive on? Is it a cycle friendly city?

You drive on the right side of the road here. The city is very cyclist friendly with many bike lanes, paths and areas to lock your bike up. As you travel around the country, you will find the young and old riding their bikes everywhere.

Many towns and cities are also connected via bike paths. The longest cycle route in the country is from Hradec Králové to Kuks and is 26 kilometers.



Would you recommend any popular local apps to tourists for transport, food and hidden gems in your city?

There is a good food app that you can get food delivered called, Dame Jidlo. Many locals use this app and I see their vehicles cruising around the city daily.



Not to be missed : There are two parks that are pretty amazing. You should take a stroll around the Šimkovy Sady park and end at the Rotunda Lounge Café for a drink with nice scenery of a large pond with fish, birds and ducks. The second park is Jiráskovy Sady, which has beautiful walking paths that lead to the confluence of two rivers. Both are peaceful and will not disappoint.

Jiráskovy Sady, Hradec Králové



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